Thursday, November 29, 2012

Listen: Rowida Atteiha Hot New Single - Merci رويدا عطية -ميرسي

Rouwaida Attieh took two years off and the break seems to have paid off, she has made her presence now with the release of anew single. Rouwaida is the strongest young female voice form Syria. Her voice is so complex to describe yet so pleasant to hear. She chose a commonly known and used French word to "Merci" as a title for her song. If you remember Rouwaida took part of the first ever Arab singing competition on a reality show Super Star. She was the runner's up.

In this new single you hear Rouwaida telling her man, thanks for all the trouble, and thanks for screwing me over. It plays like a revenge song except it's a sweet song not bitter. I think most of the work has been done in layering the music track, there are so many mixed elements that make this single a dance track. It's not your average demo, but rather a complex track.

This song takes a new real value when you know that Rouwaida has just also came out of a divorce where her husband did not want kids. According to Rouwaida, he husband was more concerned with her career and not the family. Whoever wrote and composed this song deserves a trophy.  

ميرسي جديد رويدا عطية

Rowida Atteiha - Merci رويدا عطية - ميرس


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