Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Hot Albums: Best Of Bahaa Sultan 2012 Album

Few know that popular hit-maker Bahaa Sultan is actually an Iraqi and not from Egypt. But that does not matter, the singer has been living in Egypt for at least 15 years now. Since he has launched his career there and found his music to be popular among millions in Egypt.

Four albums later, comes an album for the best of Bahaa Sultan songs. This is an album I actually wanted to have, because the singer does not make any lame songs. He only has great songs and good ones. Thanks to his sweet personality, sorrow filled voice and a loving producer who does wonder with the music he oversees. Bahaa's songs are extremely popular in the mainstream, better yet his fans appreciate the man and his choices he shared with them every three years or so.

The album takes you on a tour of human emotions, form happy want to dance to I want to be alone now please  Each song you feel like Bahaa is singing for you and only for you. I am uncertain if this album is out in the markets or if it;'s fan created. I do see the logo for Free Music--Bahaa's producer, but I do not see this album making the rounds.

01 - Yally Bayee
02 - Garahny Marah
03 - We Bena2es
04 - Yally Mashy
05 - Wayak
06 - El Shouk
07 - We Tindam Leh
08 - Ally
09 - Be'amaret Eeh
10 - Law Be3tny
11 - Albak Ya Hawl Ellah
12 - Youmeen We Ado
13 - Maktoub Allaya
14 - Ah Law Ashofak
15 - Ana Mosamem

Clip "We Malna" for Bahaa Sultan/ كليب "ومالنا" لبهاء سلطان


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