Monday, November 26, 2012

Listen: Anwar El Amir "Love And Other Drugs" Songs

I do not understand a confused song, the song that cannot makeup its mind about what style it goes under. Take the new song by one of Lebanon's most popular local boys Anwar El Amir whose new song is about doing drugs.

But unlike the chemical stuff, this time love is his drug of choice. He is hooked on this girl whom he likens to drugs in his veins. Those songs have already been made in English many times, love is a drug and science has spoke on that subject.

Anwar made a sweet song that will make him a hit with the ladies, he is already the man with all the boys who like his style and his manly songs. The song has already generated some buzz in Lebanon over its radios.

 أنور الأمير متل الأدمان النسخة الأصلية - Metel l Edman 2012


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