Sunday, November 18, 2012

Everytim #Israel Bombs Us, We Reach For Julia Boutros

While we always love the popular Lebanese diva Julia Boutros, we cannot overcome one of his most popular songs she has ever made "Ween Al Malayeen" She recorded this song in the late eighties as Israel was messing around in Lebanon once again. Southern Lebanon loves this song too, Julia has always picked revolution and resistance over mediocrity.

The song is about Arab unity and uniting as one body to answer those gangsters of the Israeli army. She sang it decades ago, but the song is still pretty much in play today. It's passionate, it's angry and most of all it's about justice. Palestinians love this song very much and if they had a say, it might be the unofficial anthem for the people of Palestine.

جوليا بطرس ... وين الملايين


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