Thursday, November 29, 2012

WATCH: Amanda - Feinak / أماندا - فينك Turning Up The Heat

Directors find it a lot easier filming music videos in parking lot, this way they have more control, less people moving around and better set management. So Amanda could film her music video underground wearing that glitter filed suit of hers. Amanda is from the gracious country of Lebanon where she has also filmed her debut music video. AMANDA is a new kid in the Lebanese pop neighborhood her first single 'Feinak' hit the airwaves and her music video is below.

For starter, the beat of the song is very exciting, it has the kind of music that feel like the thrill of starting an engine. Clearly guys are stupid, they like cars, and sexy ladies. This formula is cliche but it has been working for over a century of entertainment. I hate to be mean, because Amanda seems like star for this age but this path has been explored many times before. This is her happy moment and this is her first song, so let's cheer her on. She is a highly educated young woman who speaks three languages. In the song she is looking for her knight and shining armor

Amanda should stop chasing fame this way, she doe snot seem natural at it and this might be great news for Amanda the person not the artist. I see a solid career in modeling and in advertising for Amanda, the pop scene now is sort of like a death march. Maybe she can do both and settle on where she finds herself the most. This is her first music video--something she prepared and trained for for months.  

While the yellow suit turned me off, the blue outfit brought me back. Amanda is even heating thing up when she took that dress off to reveal even sexier dress. As for the song, it's your average dance pop song, nothing to make you say "wow", but the music video has plenty of those.

Amanda - Feinak / أماندا - فينك


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