Sunday, November 25, 2012

Karim Naguib, The Common Man Egyptian Rapper

Rappers are supposed to live on the street and rap about the issues of the day--at least the ones who keep it real. Karim Naguib is that Egyptian rapper who to this date has not been tempted to dabble into political rap. Instead he raps about the trail of life in Egypt and the people of that land with all their contradictions.

And this is very clear from his newest rap about his friends and people he knows, they are all layers who take advantage of the weak among them. He poses as a boy from one of those marginalized blocks surrounding the city limits of Cairo. He too likes fancy sneakers and skinny jeans. I love the tok tok bit and the stunts with this little vehicle.

Karim Naguib - Sad khana / كريم نجيب - سد خانة


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