Friday, November 16, 2012

DOWNLOAD: Pause Released Hits 5 2012 Album البوم منوعات هيتس 5

This is not the perfect time to lunch the career of young stars, the music industry is struggling and the country with the largest consumer market has yet to rebound. But some investors are willing to take the risk and release collection albums for young stars who are hungry for fame. Most of the names on the album can benefit from using some training. But some of them are ready for prime time and can headline a concert and fire it up

Pause, just released its Hits 5 album, a 20 tracks CD with a lot of young voices--some that you may have already heard. Those are mostly romantic and pop songs made on a low budget. Most names on the CD are form Egypt, but they do not have to be. There's not much money to be featured on this album and this hardly feels like a celebration. It's a start.

01.Reham Helmy - Lama Bashofo
02.Mo2men - Kelma F Serak
03.Shehata - Ayam
04.Nancy Hammad - Wala
05.Mahmoud Hassan - Kelma Ba2olha
06.Eslam Saleh - T3eesh 3lia
07.Eyad Kamal - Nweet
08.Nour - Dayeb
09.Ahmed Aziz - Ensan Hawa2y
10.Fareeda - Ana Asfa
11.Bassem Hussein - Ma3rftesh Atsaraf
12.Sherif Me3temed - Sa3b
13.Ahmed Azab - Hasl Mny Eh
14.Mo2men Badr - 3ayz Trag3ny
15.Ayman Zain - Bal2a Bsara7a
16.Salah Nabil - Adany El3eeb
17.Mohamed Hamdy - Tagroba
18.Ahmed Azab - Te3raf
19.Ahmed Gaber - 3eeby
20.Salah Nabil - Sekt

06.Eslam Saleh -T3eesh 3lia 5اسلام صالح - تعيش عليا - البوم هيتس

08.Nour - Dayeb نور - دايب - من البوم هيتس 5

05.Mahmoud Hassan - Kelma Ba2olha محمود حسن - كلمة بقولها /البوم هيتس 5

 اغنية شريف معتمد - صعب | من البوم هيتس 5 | 2012


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