Friday, November 23, 2012

Black Theama: Egyptian Jazz Meets The Beach Boys

Like a rocket Black Theama invaded the underground world with their unique style of representing black music from nubian, & Aswany music to R&B, Rap, Jazz, & Blues gathering very unique musicians and using very touching; selective lyrics describing our social & political struggles.

They are three stars with rocking personalities yet very sweet voices. They are best of friends and it seems that Egypt has valued their friendship. Yes, they have also made friendship with the county, the land and its people. So they are perfect story tellers who have lived in a land where many tales go unnoticed.

They can also be nerdy if needed, but as someone who have been following them for three years now, I know what it means to them to tour Egypt and perform their hits to the masses. Like Jazz musicians in America, Black Theama is about building bridges among different communities 

I have written before about this song before, but now I have heard again and it felt a lot more Jazzy than last time I gave it a listen. The title of the song is "Sailor" surfing among people. See where the Jazz meets the beach boys.

Black Theama - Ba7aar


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