Saturday, November 24, 2012

Najwa Karam Meets Her Man Late At Night

When an Arab lady sings a song urging her love interest to meet her at night, the knives come out. never-mind she says, there's no shame at meeting at night because the night hides the imperfections. A great dance song for the ages.

"Khaleeni Shoofak" was the summer song of summer of 2009. Even those who did not like the subject, approved of the song's comic value. The music video is a little freakish with the dude's makeup and the random running in front of a green screen. But Najwa manged to generate buzz once again and fire up her fan bases. As far as critics go, she has a thick skin and if the song turns into a success, she walks tall.  

Najwa Karam - Khaleeni Shoofak نجوى كرم - خليني شوفك


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