Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Listen: The Sweet And Vulnerable Amr Diab Brings It BACK

Amr Diab cares for his name, he also cares for his fans and his multi-million dollar media empire. So when he felt his name is being hammed--for good reasons in Egyptian and Arab media, he wanted to change the subject. His press release did nothing to clear the popular kind of pop from "selling out"

His attempts to change the conversation was aided by the release of two smoking hot singles--never heard before. Amr sounds like the old Amr, not the one who is singing because he is under contractual obligations. But because he still got it.

Giving away free music does not seem to be sustainable for the long run, but if you get a big company to pay for the release, you are in business. A mega mobile phone company in Egypt picked the tab for the release of those two songs. And boy, those tracks deliver all the Amr Diab signature high notes.

The sweet dude who communicates with his eyes, heart and voice is still kicking around somewhere. And Amr Diab has captured his old self again. Ayesh Ma'ak, lyrics of Tamer Hussein and music of Amr Tantawi. "We Redeit" lyrics of Magdy Al Najjar and the music by Amr Diab himself.

And the new album for release this new year, it will be the final album in Amr Diab's contract with Rotana.

Amr Diab - Ayesh Ma'ak عمرو دياب - عايش معاك

Amr Diab - We Redeit عمرو دياب - و رضيت


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