Thursday, November 29, 2012

Chobi Dance Iraq On Shatha Hassoun Beat

It's that country's signature group dance, very similar to Dabke, but a little different, perhaps faster. Most Iraqis know how to work the dance floor as they move in concert with other folks. It's one of the few things Iraqis do well in a group. And for their part Iraqi expats have taken this dance to new territories and celebrate the homeland by bringing it to their weddings and parties.  

Shatha Hassoun knows this style better than many other pop songstress, she grew up in Iraqi living away from the homeland. So in her stunning 2011 album she had a Chobi dance song with some decent lyrcis. She is asking her older uncle to give her an advise on love as two guys are competing for her affection. Confused with this love ordeal, she seeks advice with great dance beat.

Even though I am not from Iraqi, I have always appreciates the music and the dance.

ياعمه - شذى حسون | Shatha Hassoun - Ya 3ma


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