Monday, November 26, 2012

Lebanese Are The Life Of The Party In Dubai

Dubai loves to hold music festivals and events in honor of the country Lebanon. They bring the hottest stars in the land to headlight the concert and get those rich Lebanese expats to shell their hard earned dollars. One of the most recent cultural nights where the organizers set up a tent for Lebanon. For the music portion of the evening, they invited two dude singers to charm them.

Assi Hallani and Ayman Zabib brought with their their best hits, the ones that gets you to dance and the ones about romance. Naturally, the ladies packed the house, and there was no one standing idle. Concerts in Dubai bring in the cash, if she calls you go. Assi showed a different side of his personality on TV as a judge for "The Voice" Ayman is having the best years of his life.

For the dudes, they had a female singer that looks good doing her thing--Elissar who is back with a hit song composed by Marwan Khoury.

AssiAyman 20121009


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