Friday, November 16, 2012

Video: Fainting On Live TV تفقد الوعى فى برنامج صوت الحياة

The name of the show is "The Voice Of Live", where three judges evaluate the singing of a number of people who appear on their show. The show is exclusive for Egyptians , but perhaps the best publicity the show has ever had is the video below.

When a young contestant hoping form glory faints on live TV as she awaits the verdict. At least when this happened one judges (Hilmi Baker) had a soul and asked them to stop filming. This might have been a ply for rating, but we will tell if this was real or fake.

The name of the young woman who fainted due to stress is Hadeer Yousef. Hadeer was locked in a competition for a cover of Oum Kalthom song that she and her peer Nouhan Hassan have performed on the show. When Hader woke up form her comma, she was told that she is not going to be chosen and Nourhan was picked.

هدير يوسف تفقد الوعى فى برنامج صوت الحياة (رازان مغربى)


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