Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Razan Moghrabi Lies About Getting Married

Razan Al Moghraby is changing her mind and has been talking about her getting married. I do not believe it really. She good use the good press when she is pretending for one second that she is a normal girl who likes and who wants a family. She called her marriage a mystery and told the interviewer that she loves him in stead of answering his question.

She answered a question from an anchor who asked her when will she get married? Her answer, very soon! She also spoke about her British citizenship and how it's her family's safety net. She has yet to share any details about her marriage. I think this is a stunt for her new show. Why has she not talked about this marriage prior to her new show?

Just like she said in the interview, no body knows the truth. I think she is right.

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