Sunday, November 25, 2012

Iraqi Pop Prince Qais Hisham In "To'bor Alby"

For Iraqis to keep dancing, they need people like the young pop singer Qais Hisham to make dance music. Qais is the young voice among many legends who have already taken Iraqi pop to new lands. Iraqis all over the world wait for such tracks and jump all over them if the songs were any good.

Not too many Iraq based Iraqi singers are still turning out dance tracks, they have all moved to places like Dubai, Syria, Canada and the United States. I have come to like the Iraqi music and most of all the dialect, it's like a bridge to that old history.

I find Iraqi songs are more complicated and more afflicted than most Arabic ones. sweet and insubstantial, offering all attitude, usually too much of it. So Qais tends to offer songs that are full of perfect little voices. "Organic" is the right word and a little bit of edge.

Qais Hisham - To'bor Alby / قيس هشام - تؤبر ألبي


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