Monday, November 26, 2012

Video: Haifa Wehbe Kisses Everyone And Their Dog

She is only kissing those who work in her music video, anybody on set gets a kiss from the pop diva and now single notorious product endorser and self promoter. This is behind the scene video form the making of her of her music videos where she is pausing as a pilot.

I love how the dudes act all sophisticated around her and that in her face, they act like gentlemen  but in private they are winking one another. See the dude carrying Haifa around set rescuing her from the blazes of the fire. Let's not blame her, she has an act and she keeps it in public. Money flows on her bank account as long as she can sell this playful persona of hers.

It's sad because the only ones who see this as an act and not the behavior of a real person is other women.

Hasa Ma Bina - making part 2 - Haifa Wehbe حاسه مابنا - هيفاء وهبى

Hasa Ma Bina - making part 3 - Haifa Wehbe حاسه مابنا - هيفاء وهبى


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