Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Flying Steps Break-dance Goes To Dubai

The Berlin Based break dance trope Flying Steps make a stop in the city of Dubai--a city in search of a culture and identity. The dance group had a number of shows and did a number of stunts in this Gulf city  that's hungry for any breeze of foreign culture.

The dance company has become somehow a face for Red Bull caffeinated drinks and they did a dance show with a twist  they used thy music of Bach to further attract local audience. The group was founded in 1993 by Kadir Amigo Memis and have been getting popular ever since--they are well known all around Europe. The Flying Steps are considered to be one of the most successful urban dance acts worldwide.  

Flying Step does have some Arabic speaking dancers and one of its founders Vartan Bassil is a Lebanses immigrant in the city of Berlin.

مقطوعات" باخ " تتحوَّل الى رقصات Break Dance


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