Wednesday, November 21, 2012

This Award-Winning Egyptian Chick, Nouran Yehia

Nouran Yehia is not the type of singer chasing contracts and record deals. She had an idea for a song and she recorded with a guy named Khalid. They confessed their love for Egypt and sang about what it means for them. The warm song swayed hearts and reminded people of the great land Egypt and its fun and life loving people.

In appreciation, the 21st Arabic Music Festival held in Cairo recognized Nouran and gave her an award for her songs below. Nouran has few songs of her own, but she has also done justice to many classical songs with her gracious cover for those timeless pieces.

If the time is right and if music networks are green-lighting projects, Nouran Yehia will be the first to get her deal. But Nouran has not quit yet, she is just getting started and the audience are starting to notice her and her talent.

احلى الاسامى خالد ونوران

ختام الدورة الـ 21 لمهرجان الموسيقي العربية


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