Thursday, November 29, 2012

Dinosaurs Attend The Beirut International Award Festival "BIAF"

Dinosaurs are no longer roaming God's earth but if you were in Beirut last weekend, you would have ran into some of those extinct creatures on a red carpet. This event tells you that those celebrities do not really care about people in trouble around the Arabic world. They do not have the people of Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Lebanon and Palestine on mind--they love themselves so very much.

Beirut International Award Festival (BIAF) was held in the city of Beirut where dozens of Arab entertainers collected awards....and spoke to the media. What has Latifa done in the past two years get an award? And Who is Lubna Abdel Aziz? And Elisa Rahabni takes home another award?

Eighteen people took home BIAF Awards including the legendary singer Hany Shaker--who has not released anything new in more than two years now. The only thing those self-loving and self promoters had to say is smile and pose for cameras, they have also talked a great deal about having real concerns for the Arab people. But that doe snot seem to have stopped them form enjoying themselves in a night of food, music and self-promotion.

I am all for a great time, but this is hardly the time for celebration and big dinner galas. You may say, well, what are they going to do? Nothing, they should just sit at home and pretend they can change nothing, they are no change makers.

مهرجان BIAF يستمر بالتألق في دورته الثالثة