Saturday, November 17, 2012

Asma Lmnawar, The Moroccan Diva The Gulfies Love

Not too many of your average pop stars who can actually sing make it far. Medicore ones with a great personality and a skill to stay in the news take their career far. The ones who are shy, but way talented do not seem to succeed in being all over the airwaves.

For those who like the middle, there's Asma Lmnawar. Great vocals, good looks, a high since of the Arabic classics and a warm/sweet voice. She was good enough to stand next to Kathem Al Saher twice in two difference worthy duets. Then an album of hers with romance and breakups, she captured the attention of the fans who want something fresh yet original.

Rotana snagged her and gave her the green light for an all Gulf dialect album  She soared in that region. She just had a massive concert in Bahrain where she might as well have stolen the show. I think Asma is focused on getting booked for gigs after her marriage and her birth, she is not keeping up with the trendy music videos. She is popular where it makes money and known where a legacy is in order. 

اسماء لمنور - حسال واسيبك لضميرك Asma Lmnawar Hassal Wa Sibak Lidamirak


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