Thursday, November 29, 2012

Assi Hallani Makes A Big Deal Out Of His B-Day

Lebanon's dude and most famous heir to the legends of Lebanese song Assi Hallani is celebrating his birthday with his fans and his family. So here's a collection of songs that mention his name, some are even performed by the original artists.

You get see some music old and new videos for this prolific artist. He had a long career and certainly there are those songs that you have to known and even like. See Assi dance Debka, rock the party and romance the hell out of your girlfriend. And by the way, he is celebrating this birthday when he was just been made the good will ambassador for UNICEF in Lebanon.

Assi is the sort of guy who keeps changing images, making it hard for critics to define him. He is a knight most of the time, he loves horses. Then he is MR. Hi-tech gadget dude on The Voice. In one song he is all about Lebanon, the next one he is singing for Dubai, Palestine or the King of Saudi Arabia.  So, watch this fan made tribute to their favorite home boy.

 هدية الفانز لـ عاصي الحلاني بعيد ميلاده 2012/11/28


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