Monday, November 26, 2012

Listen: Ragheb Alama 2012 Single اغنية راغب علامة - انا مبهزرش | جديد

The big dog of Lebanese pop is the new kid on the block....he has a new single where he titled it, "I am Not Kidding" He means business and he has shown as much. The Arab Idol star is giving his fans a taste of his upcoming album project, by dropping the title song.

When I say, I love You, I am not kidding
When I say I want to meet you, I am not kidding
Listen good to what I am saying to you, I am leaving you my heart
This proposal I am giving you cannot be brought back.

This is a dance track with fun lyrics and mid-level energy. It reminds me of younger Ragheb when he was flirty. He might be overstretched at the moment, but his hard work is all over the media (TV, Radio and On the Internet) You can also find the singer in the Mall where you can pick up his latest manly cologne.

I am seeing and hearing more of Ragheb this year, concert sin both Egypt and Lebanon. Fragrance lunch in the Gulf states and TV appearance and interviews. Hope his album which will release for the new year is worth of such a pop star who has kept his fans entreated for 28 years now.

 اغنية راغب علامة - انا مبهزرش 2012

اغنية راغب علامة - انا مبهزرش | جديد 2012


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