Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Aly Sha'ban: Half Amr Diab, Half Ramy Sabry

Aly Sha'ban has a tender and pleasant voice. He sounds like he is a new version of younger Amr Diab's sweet side. Some might see him copying the big man's style and dress. I do not know if I would say that, but I know I like his new song "Habda' Omry" a romantic song to the core. One thing though, if you are a romantic, do not dress like a Gangster, it gives the impression that you are a sissy.

If you are going for sweet, then look nice, and not thuggish. The Mustang is a nice touch and shows the man has a sense of a cool ride. He sounds a bit of Ramy Sabry and feels like Amr Diab--both great choices to be inspired by. No denying, this is a great choice where real emotions have been consumed to bring it to life.

Aly Sha'ban - Habda' Omry / علي شعبان - هبدأ عمري


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