Saturday, November 17, 2012

Video: Drunk Or High? Sherine On "The Voice"

  1. She trips and falls on stage and loses her balance last week. Her peers on the show break in laughter at the sight of her falling in front of the live in studio audience.
  2. Then she tells a young singer trying to compliment his performance  "The original singer behind the song, should never touch it again" A rude thing to say that caused a stir with the singer composer Amr Moustafa
  3. She asks one of the female participants on the show for an awkward kiss while she seems to be on a different universe. She has also referred to that young woman "Mooza" an often sexual  term used to describe women 
  4. Then she is sniffing a while rose when the TV host talks to her, she says I am busy smelling this rose given to me by the Czar Kazim Al Saher, then she smiles in a weird manner and says, "Kazim is sweet like honey". The Iraqi singer was not sure how to deal with this random and confusing moment. 
 What do you guys think? Watch the videos and tell me. Sherine is going through divorce now and might have been indulging in some recreational activities. No one knows that, but form what I have been noticing, she might be going through the self-destruct phase.

شيرين تُقبل فتاة The Voice!

وردة من كاظم الساهر لشيرين عبد الوهاب


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