Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Video: Rock Stars Don't Retire كليب راغب علامة انا مبهزرش انا مابهزرش 2012

The super star, Ragheb Alama wants you to know, he is not going to take a break or retire. Why? Because he just released his latest music video where is looking incredibly good. He is still the guy who falls in love, and not the models. He is walking on the beach and this time he brought his dog too.

Yes, for many Arab women Ragheb is the ultimate classy gentleman who has all the right moves, and the charm. Those two things never get old. As for his new music video, he chose to release an Egyptian song, he has not done than in few years. That now explains his efforts to do more concerts in Egypt. While some have not approve of Ragheb taking a TV gig as a judge on Arab Idol, the super star seems to have turned into into his advantage.

But seriously, Alama wisely might be doing the George Colony thing. He is dreamy and he is out to prove it to her foes. The only thing, the young model with him, might as well be his own daughter. And yes focusing too much on the cleavage will certainly get the attention of some fans out there.
 كليب راغب علامة انا مبهزرش انا مابهزرش 2012
Ragheb Alama - Mabahazarsh / راغب علامة - مبهزرش NEW AND EXCLUSIVE


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