Thursday, November 29, 2012

Zaher Saleh "flawless" With Rufus Blaq

Every Arab star dreams about being a global icon, but few can even come close to having a global audience. For starter, one needs the crossover power, the smooth dance moves, the presence and the ability to sing to top notch melodies. I think one such star already exists and he is a full blown Palestinian who lives in between New York and Ohio.

The name is Zaher Saleh, he is a perfect dancer with so many moves and tricks that can out Chris Brown to shame. But he is all about music, so he makes it when he can. After taking a year and so as a statistical he is back with a new duet which he recorded in New York with a local hip hop R&B artist Rufus Blaq.

Musically Zaher musics has been shaped by the likes of Michael Jackson, Adam Levine, Enrique Iglesias and the legendary Frank Sinatra. incredibly innovative, silky smooth, dance pop, is just one of many ways to describe the sound and style of Z.a.h.e.r. fresh off of his success from prime time T.V. show star academy fifth season where he was one of the finalists. Some people out there prefer it when a song is not in their language. If they understand the words, sometimes a word is vocalized in such a way that it seems to hold up the flow of the song. At the same time, there has to be vocals because music is just boring without it. Zaher chooses songs with that on mind.

It's is becoming tougher and tougher to make music--so little reward, but Zaher seems to work hard on himself worthy of attention. Singing in English and Arabic has never looked so easy, something Zaher is really a natural at. He does not make music that can be-defined by a given language, he moves back and forth from Arabic note to an English beat with ease.

I was moved by the comments by many of his fans who feel so passionately about their beloved star. They have very much missed him and they have cheer his new single "flawless".



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