Saturday, November 17, 2012

Tel Aviv Rockets Get A Song "اضرب اضرب.. تل آبيب".. أغنية تدعم المقاومة

Two Local Palestinian singers (Qassim Al Najjar and Shady El Boreeny) worked together to release a new song celebrating the "achievements" of the resistance in Gaza. It's a song made by men, which means this is a knee jerk reaction song, no deep analysis. The two singers are known locally in the West Bank, but this is the first time they work together on a song for Gaza. There's a line in the song, Sudan, Syria and Flotilla got bombed, but Gaza fired back.

The song has humorous parts especially when the song talks about the Prime Minister Bibi! I do not like civilians to get targeted. I do not celebrate this. But I do see that people only talk to those who can hurt them. The song shames the leaders of Israel who are hiding in bunkers now, I do enjoy the lampooning of Israeli politicians--who have declined peace talk.

The song calls for unity, among the various Palestinian factions and their resistance efforts. They two singers give a shout-out to each of this factions who have been rocking Israeli towns. Both Abbas and Masheal get recognition  The two singers call on the president to keep on his efforts to get a state through the UN. The song does fail to mention all young people (at least 10 Palestinian children) have been murdered. The Israeli Iron Dome also gets mocked too.  

The song really sticks it to the Gulf States and their boring press releases that changes nothing. The singers tell those Arab leaders to shut their faces and not hold another summit. This is a fun song for some, and YouTube may remove it any minute. This is a song that's all over the place, talks about Syria, Sudan and few other place. The singers are expressing the excitement many Palestinians now have. For the first time, they see, the tables turn.  

اضرب اضرب تل أبيب - شادي البوريني & قاسم النجار

"اضرب اضرب.. تل آبيب".. أغنية تدعم المقاومة


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