Monday, November 19, 2012

اغنية نانسى عجرم - بدك تمشى فيك | Nancy Ajram - Badak Temchi Fik

Nancy Ajram talked up this new single for about two months, and the waited and kept waiting  Few minutes ago, the single has hit the airwaves. The radio version is online now, so we can hear what we have been promised. Nancy Ajram delivers a singer only few can deliver with such fury.

The serious breakup Nancy appears for this song. It's not a playful song, but a song from someone who wants to see the end. Breakup is not the end of the world. For the most part, Nancy had lived an easy life and all things seem to work out to her advantage. But you would not know that from the sentiments conveyed by this new single.

It does feel like a Spanish dance song, and this time the Lebanese dialect is the choice. In the past those kind of songs have helped the fans see the serious singing side of Nancy Ajram, the emotional complex creature and not the one whose life looks to easy and so much fun.

I could care less for you, if you want to walk out now. If you stay or if you go nothing changes! this is sounds like a pissed off women whom we all hate to see. We do see this side in real women, and some have made solid careers in making blues, Nancy has mixed it up.

 اغنية نانسى عجرم - بدك تمشى فيك | Nancy Ajram - Badak Temchi Fik

اغنية نانسى عجرم - بدك تمشى فيك 2013 | جديد


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