Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Sorry Bibi Netanyahu, You Lost Your Gamble

What did the Israeli PM gain from his murdering close to 160 Palestinians in eight days? Close to nothing. Gaza meanwhile is happy, sure they have lost many civilians  children women and elderly. But they did not killed them the good people of the IDF did.

It might be too early to fully understand what this deal means, but according to analysts in Israel, here is what I am reading. He gambled and he blinked. He demolished dozens of buildings, killed few activists, but strategically what he has done is a loss to him and to his brand. 

  1. He showed Israel is really weak and vulnerable. The country is not ready to make sacrificed even when they face small time opponents like those in Gaza. 
  2. He helped give Hamas a boost, murdered one tough Hamas boss who had offered them a truce. 
  3. Politically Hamas has scored lots of votes and more than ever solidity with their cause is universal across the Arab world.  
  4. His army was shown to be weak and cowardly. Pictures of them and their ministers hiding from projectile are pathetic.
  5. Egypt looked like the adult in the room, they have manged to be popular in the streets around Arabia, and popular in the US as well.
  6. Runner up loser is President Mahmoud Abbass, who waited for few days to speak on the atrocities of Gaza, and has yet to make a visit. 
Mc Dahab = صرخة ندم


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