Friday, November 23, 2012

Romance, Sweet or Pathetic Song?

Romance is a dangerous territory. You have to be sweet but not spineless  nice but dignified; asking not begging. Anything goes wrong and the song is cheesy. America tends to look down at people who do romantic songs too well. While they may enjoy them in private, they will never admit to liking them in public.

It's not always about rainbows, butterflies and waterfalls.

We Arabs on the other hand are gooey bunch. We like romantic songs, but if the singer sounds "annoying" like if they voice does not carry those emotions, we change the channel. Here's a new single that sits on the border. While I like the soothing music, the lyrics and the voice of Ali Ahmed

Ali Ahmed_B7bk Moot___بحبك موت_على احمد


  1. Musandam Dibba i can say it is nice share where you can enjoy your dinner with friend.