Sunday, November 25, 2012

No Party For You! Egypt Goes To Bed At 10 PM Now

The government of Egypt had a problem--frequent power outage and protest over this interruption of this public service. So they did something about, all business including nightclubs, restaurants, movie theaters are to close at 10 PM every day now. Most retail businesses close by that time anyway. But they are now making it the law of the land.

This is something the people of Egypt are not used to, as they are well known for their love for night life. People went bunker for this new government measure, some saw a conspiracy by the conservatives to shut down business they do not approve of. This would be a measure to ask people not to party at night as if there's anything good can come from night parties.

I do the government line though, most business are closed by 10 PM. I live in DC, most stores are closed by 9 PM. Diffidence is that they are making this choice, not the government.  

But in all seriousness, this is a problem and the solution is not going to workout. See this interviews with the man on the street and the spokesperson for the utility company. I hope with this issue now, Egypt can look into nuclear energy as a source.  

مصر تُطفئ أنوارها عند العاشرة مساءً


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