Thursday, August 30, 2012

FINALLY: Tamer Hosny Gets Married To Bassma Bousel

The rumors were true, I mean the ones about his romance with Moroccan singer Bassma--she is no career singer she took part of Star Academy season six. This might be the right way to go about making a comeback. Tamer Hosny as a single man has passed his expiration date.

a married Tamer Hosny might imply he is a serious musician who takes his work seriously. He is no longer Mr. single guy out there to get the ladies and seduce them through his romantic--sometimes cheesy songs. Tamer made the news official on his Facebook page through a video that landed there with a quck background story and then comes the wedding news. Tamer worked with the singer and then they have grown fond of one another--he approached her father and asked for Bassma's hand in marriage.

Now, I learned Tamer Hosny has made his marriage official in May of 2012 inside the Egyptian embassy in the United States where Tamer was working on some musical projects. He has kept the news due to the elections in Egypt and the incidents in Rafah. Now he is ready to go public.

Bassma Bousel has done some songs before with Tamer Hosny and ever since they have been romantically linked--something they both denied. But then the Arab Spring took over and the Tamer Hosny meltdown has taken phase. Tamer has not appeared in person to confirm the news, I would question the news until he speaks about it--because he can come out and say someone hacked his Facebook and put the video.

Some critics were never happy with Bassma Bousel for making comments and appearing too vivacious in the music video with Tamer Hosny. I think this goes back to her days at Star Academy where Bassma has rubbed some people the wrong way.

Update: I have confirmed that Bassma was with Tamer Hosny in his February 2012 visit to the United States as he toured and stoppled in places like Washington DC. 
تامر حسني كمل نصف دينه 

Tamer hosny & Bassma Boussel تامر حسني و بسمة بوسيل

tamer hosni Mats2lnesh.تامر حسنى متسألنيش