Thursday, August 30, 2012

DOWNLOAD: Hamaki 2012 Album البوم محمد حماقى - من قلبى بغنى

The first all pop album of 2012 has officially been released today and the honor goes to the guy who can do no wrong Mr. Mohamed Hamaki or as most known him Mr. Hamaki. He made the music and the songs in Egypt--his proud home. But for the album cover he flew to London to get something fresh and he pulled it off very well

Cool shades and a slim fit suit is always chic. This is a cool beach album that makes the finest ringtones out there. I like Hamaki and I think he takes his music to the next level. He has a great team made up of friends and people who like him--they certainly give him the time and the talent. He takes all that and adds to it. 12 album tracks are hard to come by, but Hamaki gives his listener a great value on top of fun music.

The lead track off the album will be “Nefsi Ab’a Ganbou”, written by Ayman Bahjat Qamar, composed Amro Mostafa and arranged by Touma. Touma is a buddy of Hamaki; Ayman is the hottest lyricists in Egyptian and Arab pop; Amr Moustafa is a hit-maker in Arabic and Turkish pop.

01.Nefsi Aba’a Ganbo
02.Da Lolak
04.Haga Mestakhabeya
05.Ahla El Nas
06.Mn De'ty
08.Wadi Haly Ma'ak
09.Gara Eh
10.Enta Bete'ned Ma'aya
12.Mn Alby Baghany

الأن بالاسواق - البوم حماقي الجديد - من قلبي بغني

قريبا - حماقي "من قلبي بغَني" 2012


  1. I loooooove this guy. Apart from Nancy, he was the one that brought me in to Arab pop music