Friday, August 24, 2012

Bosy Ah Ya Donia 2012 Album البوم بوسي - اه يادنيا Street Music In Cairo

Bosy wants to be an "it" girl, street festivals and local music are common in Egypt and they have gone mainstream, they tended to be the business of males until Bosy broke the mold and started jamming with the boys, she hit it big and eventually left those circles and got her debut mini album with four track

01.Ah Ya Donia, the hit song of the album, was featured in a popular thug life movie "Al-Almany", made it big in Egypt in the anti-intellectual circles.
02.Saytra, a song stoners will relate too, a lot of shouting and local poor areas beat. Not going to be on TV, but those songs all sound the same--if it was not for the lyrics.
03.Get Ala El Garh, a sad song about life and not having a good luck in it. Poor people like cab drivers, street vendors and under-employed will find something in this song.
04.La w La, a happier song that you can play at your next wedding, a spunky song form a lady who is overjoyed by the wedding they have, telling the other folks, that they are not cool as she is.

I do think the cover art is pretty clever, what it does not do is connect the singer with her art form. She looks like a pop star in LA! Not a street artist who has to deal with a lot of shitty things.

 اغنيه بوسي اه يا دنيا - من فيلم الالماني


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