Wednesday, August 15, 2012

البوم محمد حماقى - من قلبى بغنى 2012 Listen: Hamaki's New album

I call him, the cool kid who dresses well and does good pop songs. He is the guy you play his music in the club and the kids get crazy for his music. While his voice is comforting, his choices of songs tend to be either happy and lovey-dovey, or sad and heartbreaking. He does not do middle ground.

He flew all the way to London to take awesome cover art pictures for the album, he made the music in Egypt and worked with his buddies and close musicians. A lot has changed since Hamaki released his last album, almost three years ago. Egypt has a new president with a new direction, Hamaki is a married man now, and  the music market has tanked for the past 4 years.

The promo makes the album sound like am mixture of pop house and funk music--something he is too familiar with. The album is due to land any minute now. Give those 16 seconds promo a listen and please hold off the criticism or praises until we see the final product. This can be a dud, but it can also be something we wanted to celebrate.

الأن بالاسواق - البوم حماقي الجديد - من قلبي بغني

قريبا - حماقي "من قلبي بغَني" 2012


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