Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Sama Masry Makes Politics Dance سما المصرى ترقص للإخوان ومشروع النهضه

Sama Al Masry is the kind of girl to stand up to those ultra-Orthodox Muslims and put them to shame. She refuses to be told what to do, they ask her to stop talking, she does not. While she is a belly dancer by profession, she seems to have a bigger brain than many can afford.

She put some of their conservative party members to shame, and showed their bluff, then she aims higher and mocks the Muslim Brotherhood agenda. She releases a music video where she is mocking the Egyptian president and his promises of reform and empowerment. She sports the famous mango--cheaper than tomatoes in post Mubarak Egypt. She is calling them thugs and talking trash about their party elders.

I may not agree with her politics, but I think we all need to chill and take criticism with an open heart. We cannot get worked up every time someone makes fun of us in the public arena. She did keep her dancing outfit family friendly 

سما المصرى ترقص للإخوان ومشروع النهضه


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