Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Marwa Nasr 2012 Album Samples سمبل البوم - مروه نصر "واحده بس"

Let's get one thing straight, Marwa Nasr is no quitter. She likes to sing and she kept a career going, unlike many of her friends at the Star Academy show from years ago. Her style has evolved and she has no trouble getting concerts and gigs. Even in those politically uncertain times, she is releasing a new album with many strong tracks.

Marwa Nasr is one of those cool cats, that always look good and do their own thing. She moves from one style into another without drama. Every time she sings we get a nice surprise. Perhaps this is one of the reasons her fans throughout the Arab world tune in.

She manages to attract attention with her music, not with her personal life, she appeals to both men and women. Women like her warmth and complexity, guys like her funky and cool side. Her album is due any minute now, but she has released few minutes of two of her upcoming tracks. I have liked what I have heard so far, and think this will be a nice album to be added to Marwa's legacy.

سمبل البوم - مروه نصر "واحده بس" 2012 خلصت بجد

سمبل البوم - مروه نصر "واحده بس" 2012 حقيقتى عرفتها


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