Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Oka w Ortega, The Egyptian Duo Making Poor Man's Music

There's a new singing form in the streets of Egypt, they are are called music festivals for Sha'abi music. They are a 100 percent auto-tune products. They make the songs sound weird....but there are to guys in Egypt who have been dubbed the force behind this kind of music.

The lyrics are  your average, sha'abi or folksy style. You do not have to go to school to process those words....they are straight talkers who call it as it is, no cultural filters. Take out the auto-tune and the song still sucks. Oka w Ortega have not made hit the jackpot and they have became celebrities. The video below was filmed in a TV appearance alongside the Syrian diva Asala who also hosts the show.  

Oka w Ortega used to headlight weddings, not they hold concerts and TV appearances, which might not sit well with their earlier fans. Their stage names do not maker any sense to me and sound like they are from Central America. I do not know if this singing style will last, it might be a fad. But as of this moment Oka and Oretga are the only stars we get.

Let me know what you think about this new art form.

Oka w Ortega | أوكا & أورتيجا - مهرجان " كبرتك علي سيدك " اصالة


  1. You have no idea what good music is or how to write proper English. You should probably quit. Oka w Ortega are the hottest thing in Egypt right now and are very popular. They sing happy songs that the people can dance to and drive their cars fast down el taree el sahrawy. Get some culture.

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