Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Ahlam, The Good, The Bad, And The Weird

There's a huge star in the United Arab Emirates that goes by the name of Ahlam and she is one of a kind. She is a little bit different, outspoken and has always stood out. The thing with people in countries like the UAE is this.... women can do anything they want, but some people might restore to name calling if they feel threatened.

Ahlam was a pioneer she was the first female star to rise in the Gulf, she did pop songs that made her famous across the Arab World. But then some people thin she is strange when they see her antics and her vocal opinions. Like that one time on Arab Idol when she sprayed perfume on her guest stars. Then the time she got on a twitter war with a jerk who used a holier than thou tone.

And there are those who do not like what she wears or thing she is being immodest. Some do not like her many makeovers, constant changing wardrobe. I just say to them, chill! She is an entertainer who must stay ahead of the curve and keep up with the fashion.  

Still Ahlam did well, she is wealthy, she is beloved and she is a national treasure in her homeland. She sings in private functions, she raises a family. Female stars seek for her friendship and support to get into the Dubai business. Most Arabs recognize Ahlam's voice and come to enjoy her music. She is a star for this time.  

The video below is from a wedding where the two songstresses entertained the crowds and sang along one another.

 كوكتيل اغاني ديو الفنانة احلام والفنانة شذى حسون 2012


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