Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Ramy Sabry's Tear Jerking Song "Ghammat Einy"

Ramy Sabry is a hero in my book. The young composer, singer and hit-maker knows how to put together a catchy and dance friendly track. But he also can compose and perform the songs that will put you to tears. The track below is one of my all time favorite songs by the artist. The song seems to have came from the mouth from a guy who visualize a person who has wronged them in the past.

If this song does not do that for you, you might have not ever fallen in love. For me, the song hits all the right notes. I have always thought that Ramy Sabry is project for a new Amr Diab. He can rocks, but he also lets his emotions out. I do not know if he has to act for this song, his emotions strike me as real. Anyhow, Ramy has three albums to his name and he is working on a new one--it goes without saying that I cannot really wait for it.

Ramy Sabry - Ghammat Einy CIC Concert 2010


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