Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Laila Ghofran Form Music To A Restaurants!

Moroccans who make a home of Cairo are many, one particular one is singer Laila Ghogran, the blast from the past. While she cannot boast about her music career--trust me no one can at the moment. Laila can talk shop about her new business venture. She started an all Egyptian restaurant at her home in Morocco.

The right move is to hire real Egyptian chefs to create your menu. She seems to have been inspired to add the pharaoh's touch to her new eatery. This theme sells big with tourists and people who have been to Egypt  or have seen a Hollywood movie about it.

The idea is to allow the well to do people of Morocco to get a taste of the various Egyptian meals and treats.  This makes the first business adventure for the pop diva, and I hop it works out well. As at the opening she was posing with her staff and looking good.

Laila Ghofran - Shoflak Tareka


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