Thursday, December 4, 2014

Heba Mokhtar Releases A Flavorless Pop Song

Heba Mokhtar is back for her fans, this is really awesome. But For those who like good songs, they are disappointed. Does this song do anything new? I do not see it does, and it do not see this song allows Heba to be different than a 100 pop stars this once.

Here's an Egyptian blonde who has a lot going right for her, and her new songs does not capitalize on any of it. It's wonderful that she got a new song out at this time, but if the song does not offer anything fresh, is it really new? 

She came a long way from her debut in 2000 when Hamid El Shari dubbed her the new Dalida--the iconic Egyptian Italian diva. Perhaps you wil begin to understand my frustration when you hear this earlier song by Heba

Wahda Ghery - Heba Mokhtar واحده غيرى - هبه مختار


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