Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The Mandatory Happy New Year Song Sana Saeeda - Dolly Shahine سنة سعيدة - دوللى شاهين

The Lebanese Brazilian Egyptian entertainer is surging ahead in 2014 and marching into 2015 with a hot new single for the new year. The song wishes you a Happy New Year in style, from this popular and fashion-forward diva.

She seems truly excited for the new year and she is all hopes for the coming year. It's a love song and it feels like a foreign track with the live band and she has so many prayers for this 2015. I think it's good to be positive.

Still Dolly thinks she can sing in foreign languages. I like the background and that band gets to be seen, it seems like a festive time. Not sure what to make of the unnecessary darkening of the skin. I think Dolly is going through a phase, she seems to fear aging and compensating for that be revealing more skin.  

Sana Saeeda - Dolly Shahine سنة سعيدة - دوللى شاهين


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