Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Rana Samaha Sings For "Mareed Nafsany" That Nutjob @ranasamaha9t

Young songstress Rana Samaha is still paving her own way. Years since her days on Star Academy are over, she keeps releasing new songs, one single after the other. She is a cool pop personality that engages her fans often. But I have not seen her in any big public concerts. She does a lot of TV appearances, but concerts is where business thrives.

No question, she is a popular voice among the youth, she is a girl and she is proud of who she is. There are lots of musicians in Egypt who pursue her to collaborate with them--one composer even signed her.

Take the song below, she is in love with a nut job guy whom she thinks suffer smoke form of mental issues--in the non-threatening sense. This is a fun single from her that shows a great deal of promise, she could do more, but this song will be a hit with young Arabic-speaking girls everywhere.

رنا سماحة - مريض نفساني | Rana Samaha - Mareed Nafsany


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