Monday, December 22, 2014

Deal With It! The Next Muslim Rock Star Is Harris J

Harris J is who might be the next Muslim Rock Star, he's got the Justin Bieber thing going for him, and now the London native signed up with Awakening Records. His father is Irish Indian, mother has more colorful background. Harris might just give One Direction a run for their money, he has many years to get to where they have already accomplished. He comes from London, and so do they

Young kids have always been a welcomed voice in Islamic music, they use them for their naturally soft voices and energy. He won the Talent Contest and now you see him working on a new album where he will call on all the young Muslims to be good by doing good. I think he is up to a good start and we may have us a positive role model.

Aside form making music, he recites the Koran very well, and his voice sounds near perfect.

Harris J - Awakening Talent Contest Winner #AwakeningStar


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