Friday, December 19, 2014

Is Lara Scandar, The Arab Answer to Taylor Swift? @LaraCScandar #Lovebirds

She is young, she is popular, and she makes hit songs in English that the Arab youth find entertaining. I do realize that both artists are Americans--Lara is from California. I could not help the comparison as I heard Lara's latest song Lovebird.

Lara's songs do tell stories, love stories and memories when one is first at love. I like when Lara does Arabic songs, but most of her adoring fans, like her English songs too. I am not sure if I am ready for English pop coming from Arab artists yet. But overall Lara is finding her voice and she writes some of her songs, she has good mentors in both Lebanon and Egypt.

Lovebirds is hardly her first song in English, in face, Lara started singing English before Arabic and this is how most her fans know her from Star Academy. Maybe too she can be a global hit-maker whose music comes to define a generation. She has all the right ingredients. Have a good Friday.

. Lara Scandar - Lovebirds


  1. Hey Taylor is my favorite American singer and songwriter; she is just perfect and looks like a doll. I have a lot of taylor swift hot photos downloaded to my computer. DO you people wanna see those wallpapers?