Monday, December 29, 2014

Saudi Gem Esmail Mubarak Will Sweep You Off Your Feet (Video)

For a Saudi to make it big in music they have to get everything right. A song with lyrics that add to the conversation, smooth music, and a modest music video. Esmail Mubarak had it right in "Shooq", the song that went viral the moment it was released. The song ranked fifth amont most watched Arabic song in 2014, at 1,162,636 views. The youngsters in Saudi Arabia found a star to call him their own.

They headed to Google to find this song and play its romantic style time after time. The song moved outside Saudi Arabia, into the Gulf and later to MBC radio. Esmail Mubarak  did take part of a local singing scout program where he won second place, but this song puts him back on top. Esmail still composes music to other artists and poets. He is also recording new works and releasing them in time.

His breakout song is about yearning to the loved one in such a classy manner that makes it criminal not to appreciate the slick ways of the young charming artist from Saudi Arabia.

#اسماعيل_ مبارك (شوق) - Esmail Mubarak (Shooq


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