Monday, December 29, 2014

A Merry Egyptian Christmas (Video) كان يا مكان كريسماس

Here's a Christmas video by an Alexandria (Egypt) based studio who wanted to wish the world a Merry Christmas. While the studio makes so many songs, and shoots music videos, they took special pride in this production that brought a range of elements into play.

The song choice went with Once Upon A Time At Christmas. It combines Arabic and English verses. I like the hip El Refak choir and trendy outfits. It's a sprit filled song with a number of styles, it combines the religious and the commercial aspects of this holiday.

This is an incredible production that lives up to the hype. Keep on mind the Christmas day may be different in some Christina dominations. I like the little kids who get to sing and have fun.   

El Refak Choir - كان يا مكان كريسماس - Once Upon A Time At Christmas


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