Friday, December 19, 2014

WATCH: Qatar 2015 Official Anthem "Live It" Handball- "أغنية قطر 2015 الرسمية "عيشها

I guess Qatar is hosting the world's championship for handball and many folks are excited about this big sporting event. Qatar is gearing up for the world cup in  few years, but they are doing smaller events to test the water. This explains this new song, a global hit song led by few singers from around the world. It breaks in English and then you get the idea.

This is how you do a sporting event song, not that Assaf 360 world cup song. This is a true celebration and I like the traditional Qatari hand drum that tells a story. I am in love with Arabic portion of the son g where half a dozen bright and young singers participate. Note, how the construction workers are also featured. And the Qatarti singer leads the Arab pack and he sings for Doha.

I wish they would use other languages beside English and Arabic. This is a cool party song where the production has been the work of Egyptian producer Hassan El Shafie. Egypt will be competing for the 2015 tournament. We will see them play along with other teams in January 15th 2015 along with 24 other countries.

The song does not fail to give you a quick tour of what Doha has in store for the guests. The flags on the drums is a nice finish.    

Qatar 2015 Official Anthem "Live It" - "أغنية قطر 2015 الرسمية "عيشها


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