Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Haifa Kamal: The Palestinian Mathematician Who Rocks

Alaa Wardi is moving away slowly from doing cover songs with the human beat box he has become. The viral guy who makes so many cool hit videos and songs in so many languages is now getting into the musician chair. See the song that he composed and produced for Haifa Kamal. She is a Palestinian artist whose comfort zone are in folk, pop and Arabic vocals. She is a citizen of Jordan

An indie song that brings warmth to this cold season. She could that thanks to her heavenly voice that makes the cold go away.

As for the artist, she has a degree in match and a bachelor in music/Arabic singing.
 Haifa is a professional actress, as she starred many Jordanian theatre plays, and played the role of Palestinian Poet Fadwa Tuqan in a T.V series about the unforgettable poet.

Haifa has performed as a solo vocalist with many professional Musical groups and orchestras locally and internationally, such as Baladna (Kamal Khalil) , Rum (Tareq Al Nasser),Razz (Aziz Maraka), National music conservatory orchestra, Amman Symphonita, Amman Arabic string Quartet, and many others.

 She represented Jordan as a professional singer and actress in different countries such as Egypt, Tunisia, Syria, Oman, Kuwait, Lebanon, Cyprus and Scotland. Haifa is one of the main vocalists in the Jordanian Female musical group NAYA.

Haifa Kamal - Denya (Music by Alaa Wardi)


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